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Archive of Seminar Series


Date Speaker Title YouTube
Nov. 18, 2022 Zac Manchester Composable Optimization for Robotic Motion Planning and Control (link)
Jan. 13, 2023 Carlos Mastalli Building athletic intelligence in legged robots: a top-down approach (link)
Majid Khadiv Optimal Control and Learning for Agile Locomotion (link)
Feb. 17, 2023 Justin Carpentier Progress and prospects in optimization for control and learning in robotics (link)
Mar. 24, 2023 Nathan Ratliff On the Geometric Foundations of Continuous Control (link)
Apr. 28, 2023 Hae-won Park Model Predictive Control for Legged Robots: From Fast Quadruped Locomotion to Agile Climbing Systems (link)
Ioannis Havoutis Learning and optimization for locomanipulation with quadrupedal robots (link)