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Last Seminar in 2023-2024 Seminar Series

We're excited to announce our last seminar in our virtual seminar series for this year for the TC on Model-Based Optimization for Robotics.

We'll have a talk by Prof. Toshiyuki Ohtsuka from Kyoto University at 9AM EDT April 19th 2024 (Friday). Please find the flyer with all the details at this link.

Speaker: Toshiyuki Ohtsuka (Kyoto University)

Title: Numerical Optimization for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control:From Smooth Nonlinearities to Switches, Jumps, and Logic

Abstract: Advances in computers and numerical solution methods have been expanding the application of model predictive control (MPC), which solves optimal control problems in real time to perform feedback control. In particular, nonlinear MPC (NMPC) has been gaining attention due to its applications to complex nonlinear mechanical systems. Additionally, software tools for NMPC have rapidly developed to facilitate its implementation. In this talk, I will first present a comprehensive overview of real-time optimization algorithms, software tools, and applications of NMPC. One of the key ideas there is exploiting the smoothness of nonlinearities in problems. Then, I will present recent advances in parallel computation methods for NMPC and an application of NMPC for whole-body control of a quadruped robot with switches and state jumps. Furthermore, I will also introduce ongoing work on computation methods for more general optimal control problems involving equilibrium constraints or signal temporal logic specifications, which appear in various problems in robotics.

Date: Friday, April 19th 2024

Time: 09:00-10:00 AM EDT


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