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Best Paper Award Finalists and Winner


  • Do Differentiable Simulators Give Better Policy Gradients? by H.J. Terry Suh, Max Simchowitz, Kaiqing Zhan, and Russ Tedrake


  • Collision detection accelerated: An optimization perspective by Louis Montaut, Quentin Le Lidec, Vladimir Petrik, Josef Sivic and Justin Carpentier

  • Analytical Second-Order Partial Derivatives of Rigid-Body Inverse Dynamics by Shubham Singh, Ryan P. Russell and Patrick M. Wensing

Congratulations to all the authors!

This year was the first time the award was coming with a cash prize (500$).

We got a record number of 37 submissions and 12 were selected for jury evaluation. The quality of the papers was particularly high.

One of the papers was co-signed by a TC co-chair so, following the award rules, we asked a jury member from last year to rule on its selection. We would like to thank Prof. Jaeheung Park for handling this matter.

The jury members this year were Dr. Andrea Del Prete, Prof. Jessy Grizzle, Dr. hae-Won Park, Prof. Nancy Pollard, Dr. Michael Posa and Dr. Yuval Tassa. A warm thank you to them.